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Make old floors look like new with our quick drying floor varnish

There’s nothing quite like pristine, polished floors when it comes to setting off your creative renovation ideas. And our easy application floor varnish makes restoring worn out and old floors a piece of cake. It’s suitable for use on both wooden boards and laminate floors. You can apply it direct, with no heavy-duty sanding or stripping beforehand. Just prepare your floorboards (take a look at our downloadable pdf to find out how), apply V33 protective floor varnish and leave it to dry for three hours between coats. It’s completely dry within 24 hours and gives a beautiful, professional finish (even if you’re a DIY novice). Our durable protection floor varnish is resistant to everyday use – and it’s fully compatible with underfloor heating systems too

  • Direct application
  • No stripping or undercoat
  • For wooden and laminate floors
  • Compatible with underfloor heating systems
  • Resistant to everyday use.
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750ml = 9 m2 2.5l = 24 m2


3 hours between coats. Fully dry in 24 hours


Wide stick for stirring, Supple bristle/long pile roller (12mm), Fine-grade sandpaper


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