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Cleans, seals and smooths surfaces before flooring renovations.

This easy to use, fast and efficient solution perfectly prepares your floors for a long lasting paint finish. It works deep into your floor to eliminate grease, dirt and concrete residue and creates a key on smooth surfaces like floor tiles. It also seals your floors, increases their porosity and greatly improves paint adhesion. It’s suitable for untreated or painted tiles, marble or concrete flooring – so long as it’s not been waxed or oiled and has been left to completely dry out for at least three months. Simply dilute with water, apply, scrub and rinse before applying our fast drying tile paint for beautiful floors that go the distance.

  • Easy to use, effective and fast-acting.
  • Deeply cleans grease, dust and concrete residue.
  • Suitable for untreated or painted tiles, marble or concrete floors.
  • Increases porosity and paint adhesion.
  • Creates a key on smooth surfaces.
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1L = 40 m2


24 hours before painting


Watering can, Stiff broom