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Easy application tile paint for a professional finish that lasts

A beautiful, satin-finish tiled floor is the best way to set-off a new bathroom suite. And our quick drying tile paint is an absolute must-have for any bathroom makeover or kitchen renovation. Our non-drip tile paints are suitable for use on interior tiled and marble flooring, providing it hasn’t been oiled or waxed. They’re tough enough to withstand the kicks, scratches and stamps of regular walking. And their stain-resistant formula can more than stand up to regular cleaning with traditional household products. Easy to use and available in four colours, just prepare your floor, apply two coats, allow to dry thoroughly and enjoy a fresh look for years to come.

  • Non-drip, even when used on vertical surfaces like baseboards.
  • Stain, puncture and abrasion resistant.
  • Easy to clean using everyday cleaning products
  • Tough enough to cope with the impact of repeated walking.
  • Satin finish, available in four colours.
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750ml = 10 m2 2L = 24 m2


Two hours between coats. Fully dry within 24 hours


Wide stick for stirring, Brush for acrylic paint, Short-pile roller




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