extreme protection woodstain

V33 Extreme Protection Woodstain

extreme protection woodstain

V33 Extreme Woodstain’s high performance formulation ensures a waterproofing effect and resistance to bad weather conditions for all vertical external woodwork even those subject to severe climatic conditions. Thanks to its reinforced resin formula, 2 coats of Extreme Protection Woodstain are equivalent to 3 coats of a standard woodstain. It comes with a 12 year guarantee (when applied according to preparation and application instructions).

V33 Extreme Protection Woodstain

High concentration of UV filters

High resistance to temperature variation

Resin reinforced for higher protection

Only 2 coats needed making the job faster and more economical

useful tools


2.5L = 30m2


12hr recoat, 48hr fully dry


brush, roller or spray gun


750ml, 2.5L