RENOVATION radiator & household appliance

V33 Renovation Radiator & Household Appliance

RENOVATION radiator & household appliance

Available in satin, matt, gloss and metallic finishes, V33 Radiator & Household Appliance Paint can be applied directly to metal or PVC, providing a perfect long lasting finish that is highly resistant to all the bumps and scratches your radiators and household appliances can take.
Also available in a spray for precise and easy application.

Please note this paint comes with an additive which should be mixed prior to application. Empty the additive (the sachet that is placed under the lid of the tin) into the paint. Stir the paint for 5 minutes, working around the bottom of the tin with a wide stick to mix it well.
Once the sachet has been added, the mixture must be used within 10 days to maintain optimal adhesion and performance.

V33 Renovation Radiator & Household Appliance

2 IN 1

no undercoat needed

direct to metal

high adhesion

high resistance

to temperature variation

ultra washable

easy maintenance, high resistance to cleaning products

useful tools

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750ml = 10m2


6hr recoat, 24hr fully dry


satin, matt, gloss, metallic

tool cleaning