A world of difference in a weekend

If you’d like to give your home a makeover and personalise your interior style, V33 products can help you do it. Repaint your tired, worn kitchen cabinets with our multi surface paints. Achieve appliance rejuvenations by repainting a dated fridge. Complete a bathroom makeover with our non drip tile paints. Or completely transform your home with our best selling Multi Surface Renovation paint direct to any surface with no undercoat needed.

You needn’t be a DIY professional to use V33 range of interior products, but that doesn’t mean the results are any less impressive. Low on prep time, easy to apply, quick to dry. And results you can enjoy for years to come.

Interior Products

Renovation Multi Surface

V33 has formulated a new multi-surface one coat, tough and durable paint to make renovating a whole room in your home even easier than it ever has been before. With outstanding coverage, this product can be applied to over 20 surfaces. View the range

Renovation Cupboard & Worktop

V33 Renovation Cupboard & Worktop paint lets you rejuvenate old-fashioned kitchen cupboards and worktops in the most important room in your house, without going to the expense of renovating the entire kitchen. View the range

Renovation Wall Tile & Panelling

Enjoy a moment of relaxation in your renovated bathroom with these timeless shades in our Renovation Wall Tile & Panelling Paint. These paints love water and have been developed to renovate high traffic surfaces, even in the shower! View the range