Any questions?

Here are the ones we get asked most often

Do I need this sachet for the V33 Renovation Wall Tiles paint?
Yes. For Renovation Wall Tiles, Renovation Tiled Floors and the Work Surfaces and Splashbacks Renovation Kit, you must mix the contents of the sachet into the paint before you apply it.

Do I need to wash my tools between coats?
No. Just place them in a carefully sealed, airtight plastic bag.

What should I use to clean painted surfaces?
Use a gentle detergent. Don’t use abrasive sponges.

Can I use denatured alcohol or methylated spirit for cleaning?
No. These products will degrease your surface but won’t wash it. To wash it, we recommend using a soda-based cleaner (alkaline).

Can I shake the tin to mix the V33 product?
No. Our products like stirring, not shaking. Pigments tend to drop to the bottom of the tin, so you must mix the paint with a mixer or wide stick to bring them back up to the surface and make the paint uniform.

Can I apply this water based renovation paint to an unprepared surface?
No. Before you apply V33 Renovation Paint, your surface must be properly prepared and cleaned. Do not skip the preparation stage.

What temperature should the room Im working in be?
Ideally, your room should be between 12°C and 25°C.

If I create a draught, will the V33 product dry more quickly?
Afraid not. Paint that dries too quickly might peel or blister and show overlap marks.

What will happen if I apply the second coat too soon?
You might get overlap marks.

How long should I treat the surface gently once Ive finished?
Our products are at their most resistant 20 days after you’ve applied them.

Should I apply the paint to small areas at a time?
Absolutely. Work in small patches of around 0.5m2 to 1m2.