Radiator and Household Appliance Paint

Long lasting renovation paints for the perfect finishing touch

Renovating your home is about more than the big picture. It’s the finer details that can really add the wow factor. That’s why, at V33, we do more than think about floors and ceilings. We also offer a range of makeover paint especially for radiators and kitchen appliances. Whether you want to undertake a cost-effective appliance makeover or are looking for easy application fridge paint, we’re here to help.

All our practical products are designed for modern life. From washable paints that are detergent and cleaning product resistant, to colour paints that won’t chip, fade or flake, our easy to use, quick-drying furniture solutions can, undoubtably, stand the heat of the kitchen. Available in six satin and metallic finishes, it can be applied directly to metal or PVC, providing a perfect long lasting finish that is highly resistant to all the bumps and scratches your household appliances can take.