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Now one paint can renovate your living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

V33 has formulated a new multi-surface one coat, tough and durable paint to make renovating a whole room in your home even easier than it ever has been before.  With outstanding coverage, this product can be applied to over 20 surfaces.

Our advanced formula provides a flawless white finish that will last.  It is easy to clean, standing up to everyday challenges and is resistant to 2,500 abrasive sponge passes.

As a fast drying paint, requiring no undercoat, it is easy to apply meaning V33 Multi-Surface Renovation is perfect for you to give new life to the favourite rooms in your home.




  • Multi-Surface application. Can renovate your whole room and can be applied with no undercoat.
  • One coat application. With a minimum 98% opacity it effectively conceals contrasting substrates and hides marks, providing a perfect finish.
  • Tough & Durable. Providing a finish that lasts because it’s easy to clean, stands up to every day challenges and resistant to 2,500 abrasive sponge passes.
  • Easy to use. Creamy texture and does not run or splatter.
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1L = 10m2

Drying time

Touch dry 30min, Fully dry 12hr


Wide stick for stirring, Roller, Brush